The one thing that can make or break the appearance of your home is what your lawn looks like. Typically the lawn is the first thing people notice when they come to your home for the first time. Allow me to share some pointers that will certainly help that first impression be a good one.

Debris Removal

The first task is to get rid of all the debris in the lawn. The winter months have a tendency to bring in a lot of dead branches and rocks. Eliminating the rocks and branches will give your grass a chance to grow. Your yard is going to be safer as well when you mow the lawn. Do not lay too much fertilizer on your yard, especially nitrogen. At the outset of spring, many people mistakenly put excessive nitrogen-based fertilizer on their lawn. This approach can result in some harm to your grass. You should wait till there is no frost in the soil before you add nitrogen.

When you fertilize your grass, apply a controlled-release fertilizer. This alternative is going to release the required nutrients over time. Your turf is going to grow more slowly and more uniformly. A good time to start weeding out crabgrass is in early May. Just before crabgrass starts to take root in mid-May, be sure to utilize any anti-grass formula before it starts. Depending on the place you live, crabgrass could grow sooner than later. Thus, any time you use the anti-crabgrass formula, be sure you plan accordingly.


It is better to seed your turf during the fall season instead of spring. You’d probably suppose that the grass may well not grow well in winter but the hot summer weather could cause more damage. Instead of spring, try seeding in late-fall to see if you get better results. You need to investigate the type of soil and climate your community typically has. You’ll be able to get this information at your local nursery or gardening center. You must have a lawn that has a beneficial balance of nutrients for your grass to thrive. Certain minerals are added to a fertilizer, but they are certainly not needed for all types of grass.

You want to attain a dark green color for your lawn. With that intention in mind, you will know if it is working out the way you wished. It may possibly not work out right away, but with patience, you will see your energy payoff. Ultimately, you are going to have the finest lawn of all.