Cabinet Installation in Cary NC

Cary Custom Cupboards

The average price of custom cabinetry at most cabinetry outlets is around $400 a square foot, and most units you will add to will also have separate pricing when including finish, materials, and custom molding. A complete kitchen of custom cabinetry can be upwards of 30 square feet, with an approximate price of around 12,000 for the whole kitchen. These costs will vary greatly depending on the exact type and style of cabinetry you are looking to install. If your kitchen design involves anything other than standard cabinet lines or uses any special type of cabinetry you will need to factor these costs into your overall design budget.


Another thing that can drive the price up is if the cabinet company has special order options that you can choose from. For instance if custom cabinets Cary NC requests that you use one specific kind of wood for your custom cabinets, this will drive the cost up dramatically. Depending on the size and weight of each piece of wood, cabinet companies will use standard plywood or heavy duty plywood for these specialty pieces. The extra cost is due to the labor it takes to assemble each special order item, as well as the cost of the wood to cover the item.

Cost of Custom Cabinets

Regardless of the average cost for custom cabinetry, there are a large number of different styles and sizes available. Some cabinet outlets will even custom make cabinet doors, which will increase the price even more. The important thing to keep in mind is that the higher the quality of the cabinet you are purchasing, the higher the price tag will be. You can find custom cabinet outlets by either searching on Google or asking friends and family, but you should also make sure that the cabinet outlet has a decent reputation when it comes to quality of work.