Shipping Container Options

Shipping containers are the most reliable packaging options when it comes to long term storage of goods that need to be sent across the country or globe. Container sales are an essential part of moving your company’s resources from your location in the current marketplace to the next location. While they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, shipping containers can be used to store nearly anything. Items such as freighted vehicles, machinery, furniture, and even dry goods like food are all able to be stored in a shipping container from buy shipping containers Charlotte NC.

Container Selections

As with any container, shipping containers come in many sizes and shapes. From individual shipping containers to multiple story mega structures, you can find the perfect container used for your business needs. Shipping containers used for cargo are built to be strong, structurally sound, durable, and capable of enduring the harshest ocean transportation environment while still protecting the goods being transported. Used containers are commonly used for ten to fifteen years before eventually being retired to the domestic logistics fleet.

Types of Containers

There are numerous makes and models of shipping containers, including economical single door units, double door units, reinforced polyethylene floor cargo containers, and high-end industrial strength crates. A wide selection of shipping containers including one, two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, and twenty foot sizes are available. Some models include a bottom access that provides easy access to all areas; other models include bottom access doors that swing out from the side. Other features include a heavy duty locking system, crush guard sides and ceilings, and interiors that include insulation. These types of shipping containers can be used for nearly any type of cargo, including hazardous materials, alcoholic beverages, hazardous goods, and electronics.