Before you start any home improvement project, you also have to choose the appropriate tools for the project. Most people have tools that are necessary in their homes. Others may have to buy new ones that they do not have. The reason you are doing a home-improvement project yourself is to save money, yet you will need tools to accomplish this to get the project done right.

Lifting Tools

Most people don’t have a device to move heavy objects, even though it would be quicker and save on wear and tear of their back. A dolly is a good way to save your back when you have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved, especially when they are large pieces. It’s safer for both you and the furniture to move it on wheels if this is practical. Climbing up the stairs with boxes gets tiring, and carrying them down the stairs is worse, but a stair trolley will save your body either way Other than get a stair trolley, the best solution to carrying stuff up and downstairs, is to hire someone to do it for you. A wheelbarrow is one basic tool you need if you plan on doing yard work or planting a garden. Heavy items are just put into the wheelbarrow, and instead of carrying them, they are just rolled.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is an absolute necessity when you are getting ready to do the job. To avoid getting paint in your eyes, you need to use safety glass, just like people that work with metal or wood and they are drilling using a saw. If you’re going to be working with something that is loud, your protection is imperative. Splinters and pointed edges can cut your hands that is why you need to wear work gloves to protect them. Anyone that wears a dust mask more than likely will be working with fiberglass insulation. A hard hat or helmet should be worn if you do any type of construction work. Give everything it’s due consideration, and make sure that your safety equipment is on hand at all times.


For many of the home repairs you will be doing, without a ladder you will never reach them. If you decide to paint the outside of your house, not only will you need a ladder, you will need more than one, because you will be climbing up to various heights. For most of the inside jobs you have to do, a stepladder is all you will need to reach as high as you are going. An extension ladder that can be adjusted to different heights will be needed for many jobs. Ladders come with duty ratings, which tell you how much weight they can safely hold. The ladder you need depends on the combined weight of what you are carrying and how much you weigh. If you’re carrying heavy materials up a ladder, make sure you have a ladder that’s made for this type of task. If your ladder isn’t long enough for you to reach without stretching, you should get another ladder that is longer.

You really need to have the right tools, no matter what kind of home improvement job you are planning. You need to buy the tools you need when you are at the home improvement store, not everything you see. The one thing about buying the tools you need, and that is, with proper maintenance, you will have them for a long time, so they are a good investment.